Barbara Pearlman

Barbara Pearlman, fine artist, portraitMs. Pearlman, a world-renowned illustrator, has been internationally recognized and honored for the outstanding level and quality of her work as an artist who had successfully spanned both commercial and fine art worlds.

Articles about Barbara Pearlman and her work have appeared in French Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, British Vogue and Harpers.

In the Fueillerton Press on October 30, 1985, it was said “The artist has an extraordinary talent to allot space and keep the weight in perfect balance. Her beings raise themselves high up and bend diagonally across the paper, three yards and more, with part of the picture still rolled up on the floor. Pearlman’s paintings are horrendous, eruptions of a veritable furor to paint, precarious outings on the brink of the ineffable. Related to Goya, Munch and Schultze’s “Migots”, and yet of a different kind of terror. When the Frankfurter Gallery am Palmengarten showed Barbara Pearlman’s paintings, her human beings were still veiled in a gentler aura. The drawing was less eruptive. Aesthetic effect outweighed pure expression. And now, after the death of a friend, a new rupture. The paintings get larger in size, their lines more edged, the duo scenes are enlarged to embrace groups. She transmits the agonies she has suffered as undissembled experience of herself. These are paintings whose immediacy allows them to meet the always wished for challenge, to communicate the subject and its being.”

Ms. Pearlman conducted courses in Advanced Painting and Drawing at the Nassau Fine Arts Museum. She previously taught at the Parson’s School of Design for five years, and is now on the faculty of the Fashion Institute of technology where she has been teaching for the past 15 years.